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Less Visits. Simpler Treatment.

Introducing remote DentalMonitoring with Gellerman Orthodontics. Our commitment to our patients is giving them the highest quality service. And with that excellence, we now offer the most convenience for your care as well!

Gellerman Orthodontics continues to embrace the latest advancements in technology in order to make your journey to a Spectacular Smile even more memorable, fun, and easy.

Dental Monitoring uses the power of your smartphone to help complete your treatment and it’s as easy as just taking a selfie!

Benefits of Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring allows your treatment to be even more convenient and efficient than ever.

  • Fewer Office Visits: Instead of coming into the office, we’ll monitor your treatment remotely through the Dental Monitoring app.
  • Less Treatment Time: Since you’ll be sending us photo updates, we can adjust treatment as need be to give you even better results.
  • Connect with the Team: Through the Dental Monitoring app we’ll keep track of your progress and be ready to answer questions you have.
  • Convenience for Your Lifestyle: Tracking your progress is as easy as opening up the Dental Monitoring app on your phone.