Care and Use of Your Hawley Retainer Appliance

Inserting The Appliance:

When inserting the retainer inside the mouth, align the clasps in the back of the retainer to the back molars and up, then press up the front portion of the retainer so the acrylic is fully seated and the bar goes across the front teeth.

Instructions for Hawley Retainer

Instructions For Use:

  • Wear the Hawley retainer as instructed, except when eating or brushing your teeth.
  • Call our office if you’ve gone a long period of time without wearing the retainer, it may no longer fit.
  • Clean teeth and appliance with a toothbrush every day and if possible after every meal.
  • If you cannot brush after eating, please rinse mouth and retainer prior to putting it back.
  • To avoid breakage or loss, keep retainer in the case provided when not in use. It is very easy to accidentally throw them away, get stepped on, chewed by pet, etc..when it is not in the case.
  • Avoid chewing gum, hard candy or hard foods with appliance in mouth.

Call Our Office If:

  • The retainer doesn’t fit
  • The retainer “rocks” front to back or side to side
  • The retainer is too loose or too tight
  • The retainer gets lost or broken

Removing The Retainer:

Remove retainer from the mouth using a simple pull on the back clasps.
NEVER pull on the front bar going across the teeth. This weakens it and will break the bar…and once broken it cannot be repaired. A new retainer will need to be purchased.