Gellerman Orthodontics Now Offers Invisalign Tray Recycling

As a Top 1% Invisalign provider, Gellerman Orthodontics was asked to be one of the first orthodontic offices to test a pilot program to recycle Invisalign trays. We jumped at the chance to participate, because so many of our patients have asked about recycling their Invisalign trays.  The program has been a success, and we are proud to have been there from the start.

Recycling Invisalign trays wasn’t possible until recently. Aligners are made of a blend of plastic materials, mainly medical grade plastic, so separating out the different kinds of plastics would be economically impossible.  Remember, the trays are designed to be strong enough to exert pressure on the teeth, but soft enough to be comfortable in a most sensitive environment – your mouth!

Each tray is computer-designed to shape the position of each person’s teeth, at a particular stage in their treatment, so they can’t be re-used by anyone else, making recycling them even more worthwhile.

Before the aligner recycling program began, the only thing to do with used aligners was to toss them in the trash. Considering how many people are enjoying new smiles because of Invisalign, the number of used trays must be enormous—so keeping them out of landfills became very important.

When you are at Dr. Gellerman’s office, you’ll see signs about bringing your used Invisalign trays. Talk with anyone in the office if you have any questions. If you are with another orthodontic office and they are not yet offering recycling of your Invisalign trays, give our office a call to find out if we can accommodate you.

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