Gellerman Orthodontics Welcomes 7&Up to our Kid’s Club!!

We are excited to invite all kids to our 7&Up Kids Club! This free membership is a new part of our Kids Rewards program where you can win points, gifts, and discounts on select treatments. To become a member, just schedule a free orthodontic evaluation with one of our team members for your child.

Our focus for the 7&Up program is on children around 7, but we encourage parents to have children at any age come in for a free orthodontic evaluation.

What’s so special about 7??

Age 7 is the time to start your child on their journey to the best possible smile for their life. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends every child be evaluated by a trained orthodontist by age 7 to check for issues like:

  • Creating more room in a narrow jaw for crowded teeth.
  • Guiding or correcting the growth of your child’s jaw so that permanent teeth will come in straight.
  • Avoiding the need to have permanent teeth extracted when they’re older.
  • Regulating the width of the jaw’s upper and lower arches.
  • Fixing any jaw or tooth problems created by bad oral habits, such as by thumb-sucking
  • Improving or eliminating minor speech problems created by poorly aligned teeth and jaws.

Most 7 year old children don’t need braces, and many don’t even need treatment at age 7.

But all kids need to be seen by an orthodontist to evaluate how their teeth, jaws and facial bones are developing. If early intervention is needed, then we can show you exactly what the issues are and explain how early treatment would help.

Remember, we always take a conservative approach with young children. But if they have bite problems, protruding or recessive teeth, or if adult teeth are not able to come in properly, early intervention can prevent much more intense treatment, like oral surgery, later in life.

Here’s what we look for in a 7&Up Check Up:

  • Is there enough space for adult teeth to come in properly?
  • Are front teeth protruding? This makes a child more vulnerable to injuries and oral trauma.
  • Is the child able to close their lips over their teeth?
  • Does the child have harmful habits, like thumb sucking?
  • Are the child’s airways so small that they’re forced to breathe through their mouth?

With a 7&UP checkup, we’ll be able to monitor your child’s tooth and jaw growth and development, check for any missing or extra teeth, and give you and your child the confidence they’ll have the best smile as they go through their early school years.

By staying ahead of any developing problems, we can minimize the need for complicated and intense treatments later in life.

Let us give your child the best opportunity for a health and beautiful smile.

Schedule your child’s first 7&UP orthodontic evaluation today!