Want to Make 2022 Brighter? Start with Your Smile!

young woman smiling and pointing to her mouth

You always wanted a great smile, and you’ve decided to make 2022 the year to get it. Here are some details about how we create the smile of a lifetime.

If you’ve been thinking Invisalign for 2022, you are definitely thinking Dr. Gellerman!  Dr. Inna Gellerman is a Top 1% Diamond Level Invisalign provider. She’s achieved this highest level by treating thousands of smiles.

If braces are your 1st choice— we have plenty of bracket systems to choose from; some are less visible than others.

Our patients are always happy to learn that treatment time can be reduced dramatically because of systems designed to accelerate teeth movement and bone growth.

One last thing you should know: braces or Invisalign have the added bonus “anti-aging” effect. Orthodontic treatment can make your lips look fuller, your smile wider and depending on your treatment, even change how your cheekbones look.

We’re ready to give you the smile of a lifetime in 2022!

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